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We are Lighthouse Security

A security company with a bespoke secure storage and destruction facility. We provide a full chain of custody for your items to the point of destruction. One solution, one location, reducing our footprint with nothing going to landfill.

Secure storage

  • Your items are securely collected and transported to our facility.
  • Items receive a unique reference number before being scanned into our inventory system.
  • Each consignment is individually stored.
  • The facility is monitored 24/7, 365 by CCTV, heat, movement and AI sensors.

Secure destruction

  • Destroyed on site.
  • Destruction of items is recorded.
  • A certificate of destruction will be issued, your items will have a completed custody chain.
  • All remaining waste is recycled, nothing goes to landfill.

Secure Operations and Logistics

  • Lighthouse is an experienced security company working in both technical and protective security alongside Government agencies, the military and British police.
  • Our unique experience enables us to deliver bespoke secure logistics and destruction plans that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Implemented to the highest standard.
  • At our core is sustainability, we continually strive to reduce our footprint, with nothing going to landfill.

How does it work?

Call us to arrange collection

Drivers are all DBS checked

Call us to arrange collection

Destroyed items are recorded and certificates are issued

The end-to-end process for destroying counterfeit items.

Goods transported using tracked vehicles

Vehicles tracked by second surveillance team if required

24/365 monitoring
by CCTV, Heat,
Movement & AI

All waste is
recycled. Nothing
to landfill

The end-to-end process for destroying counterfeit items.
The end-to-end process for destroying counterfeit items.

Testimonials & Press

Lighthouse Secure Solutions: Secure, Reliable and Sustainable.

What Happens To Destroyed Items?

Metals are shredded sorted and recycled.
Plastics are shredded and turned into plant pots, garden furniture fishing pots and other products.
Textiles are also shredded and used in equestrian arenas, animal bedding, all weather tracks or fuel pellets.
One solution, One location, reducing our footprint.

Increase in seized counterfeit items year on year in the UK

Source: 2019 IP crime report

In imported counterfeit items accounted for in 2016

Source: 2019 IP crime report

of world trade is in fake goods and this is rising
Source: OECD

increase in 2019 of the amount of waste sent to landfill in England (45,859,000 tonnes)

Source: the environment agency

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